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All 3D models & 2D Graphics & textures are the sole property of M Mason .. Ravynsworld

They "MAY" be used in creating your commercial or non-commercial product.(advertising, promo images etc..) so long as the original texture/mesh cannot be extracted.
Using textures as an Artist Resource is permitted.

You "MAY NOT" re-distribute, re-package or re-sell , in whole or in part, or make available any of my Products in any form for download without the express permission and written consent of M Mason..Ravynsworld.

Use of these graphics on sites that promote violence, pornography, illegal or inhumane behavior of any type is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

The copyright remains with Ravynsworld Graphics & may not be transferred.

If you have any questions, Please contact me
Ravynsworld Graphics will not be liable for any damages incurred by the user or any other party which is caused directly or indirectly from this product.

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